Let’s begin



Parents. One word that can send shivers down most teenagers’ spines. We feel like we’re not being heard, that our parents are being unreasonable, that they’re too controlling and that they want us to follow their dreams, not ours. And do they really have to honk the horn every time they drop us off at school? It’s like they were born without a shred of self-consciousness. Like that weird girl who always makes conversation with everyone, even though she stinks to high heaven. Yup, your parents and that girl would go awesomely together.

Of course, you also get the parents who you end up raising, because they can’t raise themselves, let alone you. The drug addicts, the ones who are always fighting, the ones who can’t keep a job because they keep stealing things from the company. We cater for your needs as well.

Now, breathe. You’re not the only teenager who feels like this. In fact, if you actually talk to your parents occasionally, you’re in the minority group. So that’s a start. And this blog will help, we promise. We know a little something about dealing with embarrassing, annoying and sometimes shameful parents, because we have to deal with them too! And between all of us, we’ve come up with a few handy ways to deal with these alien creatures. This series of blogs should end you on a high note with your parents! If not, we’ll shut down the site and hang our heads in shame. 🙂


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