I’m only a teenager. What can I do?

What can a teenager, realistically do?

As a teenager, you do not really have any influence on a lot of things although, the relationships you may have with people, are in your circle of control. Something we struggle with, is the relationship between ourselves and our parents, we feel that since they’re older they wouldn’t understand anything we go through. That is just where we go wrong, because they know about the “big bad world.” And they have had their experiences, yes they aren’t the same or similar, but there is something we can learn.

We can start off by, trying to speak to them and help them in understanding how you feel or what you’re going through.

You could ask somebody, maybe close to your parent(s) to talk to them, maybe that way, they’ll understand better.

You could go for counselling, with your parent(s). Maybe then, you are able to express how you feel, you may also be enabled to say things you haven’t been able to say before.

You could try and understand their point of perspective. Ask them why their insisting on that particular thing, they may have had experience in that situation, which would be why they try to protect you.

Another thing, we need to learn, is that people make mistakes. Our parents fall under that category,  they won’t always be right, but they can help, and if they do make a mistake, take time to really think about the situation. Think about if, maybe…. They’ve tried to reach out to you, and you were ignorant.

We’re not saying, worship your parents, because they’re also at fault if not to blame at times, but keep in mind. They know all about the “big-bad world”.


Refilwe Melanie Diale


2 thoughts on “I’m only a teenager. What can I do?

  1. Thank you, for the inspirational piece of writting. It triggered, so many thoughts about this whole concept, I wish, we all thought the same way. ☺

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