So who do I ask?

It’s all very well to say that you have problems with your parents, but who can you actually approach to help you? This post will give you a few suggestions on who to go to when you need that extra person.

In a family situation, it is better to talk to a relative, for instance, a grandparent. Reason being, someone who is close to the family might know about the issues you are experiencing, or even have noticed them too. With a grandparent, they might have acted the same way as your parents are acting now. Also, it is proven that parents pick up strange or negative behavior more quickly than others. So your grandparents are bound to have more insight in the situation. Also, it’s good to have that maternal/ paternal touch, even if those children are now adults. Thirdly, your parents are more likely to listen to an adult than listen to you.


However, we understand that not everybody has other family members that they can talk to, so sometimes you should reach outside of the house. Your first go-to person outside of home should be a school guidance counselor. It might be really uncool and weird to be seen coming out of the psychologist’s office every day, but remember, they’re trained when it comes to this kind of thing. If anyone’s going to give you helpful advice, it’s going to be them. And who knows, they might turn out to be really cool!

If you don’t have a big family AND you’re school doesn’t have a guidance counselor, you’re next option should be a spiritual leader. You might not know it, but religion has many references to domestic life and how to handle it. With the help of your spiritual leader, you might find yourself coming closer to not only your parents, but the deity you worship as well.


The last option – and we left it last for a reason, is your friend. Talking to a friend can be potentially dangerous, because they’re going to give you biased information. They only know you’re side of the story and so, the information they give you can be a bit inaccurate. So, we say that you should leave talking to a friend for last. But definitely, if you’re just looking for someone to listen, a friend is a good option.

Allucious Sereo


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