When do I drop the bombshell?

When is the best time to approach your parents?

The best way to approach your parents depends on what it is you want to tell them or talk to them about. If it is something that is very serious, that might make them go bananas, make sure the first thing you do is to get them to sit down with you in a room and start very slowly. But first of all, you should clean the house for them and make them a cup of tea, especially if they are from work. It’s what we call the “BTU” method. BTU=Butter Them Up! 🙂 That will lessen the stress they will be having from work. Never ever talk to your parents sitting down. Rather sit on the floor or go on your knees. You should also never talk to them with your hands in your pocket or folded arms, this would show your lack of respect towards them.


Simba Matema



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